Thalo Crimson

- Process Images -

Mowgli loves my art supplies, but only when I'm trying to use them or in the early morning when I'm trying to sleep (he has started dragging my markers out of the container I keep them in so he can bat them around and across my desk). I love him.

Thalo crimson is such a nice color. Normally I'm not into pinks, but this one is a favorite to work with. Grumbacher watercolors are nice watercolors to work with because even when watered down, the pigments can still be so saturated and vibrant.

I use micron pens for outlining and drawing trees. I use the 005 sized tips - mostly because I work on a smaller scale usually. I also really like the brush tip.  Tip: when painting a lake, add a small highlight of white around the edges of the lake and maybe across the lake to give the illusion of the movement of water...the water hitting the shore, the water moving in a small ripple across the water, etc.

This is an image I made up as I went. Though I often base my paintings off of photos I've taken outdoors, it's sometimes nice to just freely paint whatever feels right.


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